Someplace Where It Stays Halloween

by Thrill Village

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Someplace Where It Stays Halloween: Every song is a new room of THRILLS and EXCITEMENT in this haunted-house soundtrack collaboration between two of October's biggest fanatics. No matter what the season, this record seeks to transport you to a time of ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns and creeps and spells and above all else: FRIGHT! Take a trip to Thrill Village-- IF YOU DARE!!


released January 13, 2017

Recorded by Kevin and Bryan in the spring and fall semesters of 2016.
Recording primarily took place in the studio at MU but some odds and ends were recorded in Kevin's apartment/a creepy abandoned auditorium

All vocals by Kevin and Bryan.
All instruments played by Kevin, except:
drums and bass played by Bryan on 'the Fall of Handman' movement from "The David Handman",
percussion on "Waiting Room" played by Bryan,
some bass on "Our Friend Charles..." played by Bryan,
Trumpet on "Our Friend Charles...." played by Michael Klahold
One of the pianos on "Fēngdū" played by Bryan
Clapping on "Where Are You Going to Live" performed by Kevin, Bryan, and Ben

Samples borrowed heavily.



all rights reserved


Thrill Village Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Philly + Allentown = Lancaster PA duo. Big Korn fans.

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Track Name: Let the Dangertainment Begin
With Autumn drawing close, a pretense of the season pulls the curtain back.
How can you delude yourself? Something’s coming, carry us away.
Back when we were seventeen, a voice in our heads told us not to stay.
We wisely didn’t listen, thinking there’s no harm in staying for a day.
But every time you go back there, you feel that everyone’s asleep.
How can I delude myself? Deluge is coming, drawing me away.
And how does every Autumn bring this underlying sense of nagging grief?
I laughed myself to sleep until I dreamt of it and scared myself awake.
Dreamt we couldn't just stay for the day...

I was that smile on the bullet that fell into the sky
Where you were the weathervane that drew my storm away
turned in leaves and cried from our blue uncracked eyes
We laid in dead grass forever where our fingers could uncurl.
Delude ourselves we can stay here for the day,
To peel the paint off the back of the world.

We met beneath the treeline, where the sky grows too tall
Trying to find that sense of wonder In a burning world
encased in glass as the five o'clock sun on fire unfurled
We scratched our fingers bare and every color chipped away,
Maybe we'll come back someday
Peeling the paint off the back of the world.
Track Name: Thrill Village Presents: "I Rode the Bullet at Thrill Village" as Originally Performed by Thrill Village
A person in the back. He says to hang a left. Turn on Ryback. Nights like these, you can hear even the birds breathe.

Take a joyride through the dark until sunrise. Hidden in pines. Nights like these, you can hear even the birds breathe.
Track Name: Spring Break, 2012
I used to see light in everything, but there's no sunlight in hell
I wanna feel the heat come down in streaks, like Spring Break 2012

Please be commodity, sitting on a beach and wishing me off well
It's all that spring break means to me, can't smile since Spring Break 2012.

Can't smile since Spring Break, 2012

Can't smile.

Can't swim.

Like I'm drowning.
Track Name: The David Handman
Silver switchblade to carve my face. The party lights go dim when the DJ says the punch is laced. And getting late, I get the night-time shakes. The party lights go dim when Handman drops his drink and gets on stage. Red in a glass. There’s blood in the grass. I never see you again (I’m never sleeping again).
Track Name: Got It In the Back
He’ll hold it for you.
You snagged it first, and it’s in the back.
You collect my dreams.
So we can just play them back again.
Just until the spring.
Here we dreamt that autumn never ends.
Surprise, we came by.
To make sure you got it in the back.

Yeah, you got it in the back.

Well hey Mike, you’re killing me
First friday nights and you’re scaring me
I could walk down these streets for an eternity
But someday you just gotta let go of me

Well hey man, you’re scaring me
From an empty wallet, and it’s killing me
But you collected my dreams on chestnut street
And will always be the one to play them back to me
Track Name: Our Friend Charles In the Wood Has Become Somber
We were like good old neon,
There was a glow, but now it's gone.
Track Name: Fēngdū
Across a great wall, I heard the screams.
From somewhere I dreamed, held to the flames, fed to tigers,
Filled with tears, melted snow fallen, forgotten.
For a thousand years, no one remembers this.

But I want to find life, where it was never sent.
Track Name: Plakavac
Suck the blood from the family trees we never grew,
Drain the night if these fangs ever could.
Find a pulse under a yawning moon.

For all the dark and hurt I hold I am no mother.
I could never be more than just one.
With no way to reach for each other.

It was in tears never shed or resistance to the metals edge.
Now it is haunting me when my stomach twists and grieves for promise.
No grave to hold what promise was broken.
No hand to hold on phantom wish.

For all the darkness you felt but never were,
I will never be two,
With no twisting patient lungs,
There was no tie to undo.
For all that was is undone.

The screams rise up to a croon,
From the throat at the back of the moon
But what kept me awake was that you never saw a sunrise.

And now it's haunting me, but me alone.
Track Name: I'm Sorry, Baby, I Had to Crash That Honda
Can’t see nothing at all. Like ghosts, we separate in the fall. I once held them all. But like everything, it crumbles and falls. Do you really want to leave? Well, I sure as hell can’t stay here.

But I lost your likeness below the leaves.
Autumns' eyelashes displayed your relief.

I want to be halloween night and spill streets with glowstick green.
But I'm more like a road sign on a highway no ones ever even seen
We'll get lost in our minds and tear apart our brains,
breathing deeply and alone, we just open wide our graves.

Cotton candy in the air and the smell of pumpkins in your hair. Drink the drugged rockstar and we’ll ride into the night. Silos in the dark watch me with clown faces. Where are you gonna live if not these places?

Maybe I’ll come back someday soon. Don’t know when but it’ll have to do. Maybe I’ll come back someday soon. Oh the miles ‘tween you and I.